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HARMONIUMBAU ALBRECHT, GmbH   Heutingsheim, Germany. Established in 1919. Office at Blumenstr. 22, Ludwigsburg from 1925. Moved the factory to Mathildenstr. 21, Ludwigsbrg in 1928. Doing business as Harmoniumbau GmbH, (qv).
HARMONIUMBAU GmbH   Mathildenstr. 21, Ludwigsburg i. Würrtbg., Germany; E.H. Wever, manager. Established 1919, still in business in 1930. See Walcker-Mayer.
HARMONIUMBAU LUDWIGSBURG   see Walcker-Mayer, Werner.
HARMONIUMBAU PETER   Metzgerstr. 3, Reutlinger, Germany. Pipe organ, piano and harmonium maker, tuner and repairman, established 1877, Xaver Peter proprietor. Located in Eger/Böhmen in 1945. Production discontinued in 1965, closed 1975.
SCHINDLER, HARMONIUMBAU   Am Neuen Markt 26, Bremen, Germany, 1925-30. E. Schindler, proprietor. Organ and harmonium maker.

This information has been taken from the Reed Organ Atlas, written by R.F. Gellerman.
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